Recently, Thomas and I were thrown a curve ball that we weren’t expecting. The kind of curveball that makes us wonder how it will all work out. Deep down inside, my faith knows that Heavenly Father will make it alright, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end.

While I was still struggling with wondering how it would all work out and feeling sorry for myself, Thomas shared with me THIS TALK.

Whether you’re going through something hard right now, or not, I would encourage you to read/watch/or listen to it. I hope that it can help you, like me, realize that I need to be more tenacious. To not give up when things seem insurmountable and challenging. The world needs more individuals who stick to a task and will follow through.

Miracles come not by sitting around hoping something will occur. Miracles come by going to work and having the faith that it really all will work out.


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