Our own little house

  What do Thomas & I have in common with this family above?   
Rewind to this past summer. Thanks to the fact that Thomas & I are in school, we knew we needed to find some cheap & economically appropriate housing. Because BYU properties know that students in this valley wed younger than the national average, they can charge ridiculously high prices for teeny tiny apartments. (Sounds like the HK) 

Through persistence but mostly miracles, we were able to land this little beauty. Just steps from campus, full of light thanks to all the installed windows, and unlimited free smells from Brick Oven Pizza kitty corner across the street we realize we are two very blessed young people. 

Now back to that first picture. I was raised on Little House & would make sure to scarf down my dinner & finish my chores quickly so that I could watch it at 6 pm MST. (For those of you have been a child before, you know how it is.) 

I loved this show and I love it now. They shared good values and taught good messages on the small screen. While Thomas and I didn’t build this house with our own two hands, we are striving to make it a place like the ideal described here.

Side note: Kudos to Thomas for cleverly naming our little abode “little house on the Provo.” (Im a big believer in giving credit where it is due)

Consider this an invitation that the next time you’re in Provo to stop by for a visit. The only thing we love more than brownies or hiking is family & friends in our home. 


Why blog?

I’m a horrible journal keeper. I don’t know why the pages of a journal are so frightening to me. In 2009 I was inspired by blogs like Stephanie’s I thought- I want to give that a try. Not because I’m incredibly witty, outlandishly fashionable or living an extraordinary life, but I wanted to use the World Wide Web as a way for me to write things down. I wanted to share my life through a positive medium and use the Internet for good. 

Things quickly got taken to the next level in 2010, when I made a goal to blog every single day. It was a great learning experience and I thought only my mom was reading it. What I didn’t expect was that I would make new friends because of my blog, I had an opportunity to connect with other college students experiencing similar things as me, & I was seeing the hand of the Lord in my life more than I ever had before. 

  In 2011, I stopped blogging on the daily, but reported on my happenings semi-regularly. 2012 brought with it my greatest adventure to that date– a mission to Hong Kong, China! My mom was kind enough to update my blog with all things Chinese and my letters and pictures were posting weekly. 

  Upon my return to the motherland in 2014, I just couldn’t find it in me to blog again. My life seemed so insignificant when compared with being a full time servant of the Lord everyday. So there my blog sat & I returned to the world of what was for me, unfulfilling social media.

  But here we are, wrapping up 2015 & I’m back at it. This time on WordPress, yet still the same me. I came back to this writing world because of Thomas. You see, not so many nights ago, Thomas and I were talking about how there is so much negativity and time wasting attached to social media. He encouraged me to blog again. To share with my family, my Hong Kong family & my friends the happenings of my life & bits of inspiration. So, here we are. 

I want this to be a real place. Not full of perfection or the home of my political views. Just little bits of happy. The world needs more sunshine & I want to do my part to bring more into it. 

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