Ashley & Thomas 

Our story is one you might think that you’ve heard before. Well, maybe you have. But our story is special to us, because it’s ours. 

We first met at church on the 3rd floor of the Wilkinson Center at BYU. (For exact room number inquiries, contact Thomas) We were introduced by a mutual friend & exchanged pleasantries. Though we lived at an apartment complex called Sparks, the sparks weren’t initially flying for us. 

  We were in the same FHE group, attended many of the same social engagements and even saw each other on campus– yet we rarely spoke a word beyond hello. However, a day in mid-February changed all that. 

  Thanks to a goal kept, a chase down a steep hill & an impressively perfect first date on Valentines’s day, I found my forever best friend. I always said I wasn’t going to be “a quick engagement & quick marriage” type person, so naturally that’s exactly who I am. 

  We were married just six months after our first date & August 14th 2015 became the start of our forever. 

  We’re new at marriage. We’re two imperfect people. But we believe in giving each other & everyday our very best. Because that’s what eternity deserves.