The Windows of Heaven

In a recent General Conference address, Elder Bednar said, “Spiritual and temporal blessings come into our lives as we live the law of tithing.” Thomas and I recent had an experience that reminded us of God’s love for us and that spiritually  and temporally we are two very blessed people, and that Elder Bednar’s promise is true.

  The story takes place in a month not so long ago in the year we are currently in. We recently purchased a 2010 Honda CR-V at the end of August, just a couple of weeks after we were married. It had been running great and we had no complaints. We soon found, however, that our front tire pressure was depleting at an unusually quick rate. We finally relented to taking it into the shop, but I made Thomas promise me that he wouldn’t purchase new tires because who just has $500 laying around? Not us and we would need to save for such an expenditure.

Well I knew that was wishful thinking when Thomas called with the diagnosis that 4 new tires were in order thanks to the baldness of ours and a nail that had caused this whole upset in the first place. So I said let’s do it. As I got off the phone and saw our bank account, I was glad that we weren’t in any terrible financial distress, but $500+ would put us in a pinch for a little while.

We picked up our car with it’s new tires that night and feeling extra frugal made sure that we only had a $12 pizza box from Pizza Hut for our date night and purchased our next week’s groceries with a gift card from our wedding.

A natural worrier, I couldn’t help but feel a little anxious about what felt like was a dwindling bank account the next morning. I also  wondered what we were going to do about our already planned trip to Moab for the following weekend. We had friend’s over for breakfast that morning, and then after taking dinner to some friend’s that night, we stopped by my parent’s house in Pleasant Grove to pick up a few things.

There was a stack of mail waiting for me on the counter and I began to thumb through the usual junk mail. Earlier this year I worked at Deseret Book. While working there I had put money into some investments that the company had matched. Because I no longer worked there, they had withdrew the investments and sent us the check. The amount on the check practically covered the amount for our tires. I couldn’t believe it! Jumping up and down ensued while my younger siblings looked at us like we were crazy people.

I always wondered how people in church would share a tithing story and then say they had forgotten about money and then miraculously got a check in the mail. I knew this incredible blessing had come at the precise moment we needed because we had kept the commandments. But it wasn’t so much about the money for me that was the miracle. It was that God cares about our problems because they matter to us and we matter to him.


 I couldn’t help but feel God’s love for us that day and have meditated on this experience in the weeks since. His love is real. Whether your worries are of a financial, spiritual, emotional or seem mundane in nature, God cares and he is there. God is good.


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