Last Tuesday, Elder Holland, Elder Hallstrom, and Sister Stephens participated in a live event on lds.org. Did you see it?

As Thomas and I were finishing up washing the dishes at our little house, my brother texted us to see if we were watching. For some reason, we had not realized that it was that very night, (funny how that happens) and so we grabbed our laptop and ran to our front room, which is conveniently 7 steps away from our kitchen.

We connected to the free Brick Oven WiFi & started watching. It was absolutely wonderful! Not only was my dear friend from high school Levi Williams the moderator (single ladies, I’ll set you up! )

…but it was so refreshing and wonderful to hear from our leaders as they spoke candidly, didn’t try and skirt past the tough issues like the political leaders of today, & shared their powerful testimonies.

If you missed it– whether you’re married, single, unsure of your faith, need a boost of confidence, or just want to feel evidence of God’s love, head over to lds.org and watch this broadcast.


I received answers to questions I hadn’t realized I had. Afterwards Elder Holland continued to answer questions on his Facebook page.

The prophets of today know us. They listen to the Lord and help us to understand how the Lord cares for and is constantly directing us.



One thought on “#LDSFACE2FACE

  1. I loved the Face 2 Face, and I love how the church is trying to make things more personal and applicable now, by giving us the opportunities. I couldn’t watch it the day it happened, but luckily another advantage of technology was that I could watch it two days later online!

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