Story time

Some might call us Amish, others might refer to us as pilgrims, or some might even think Thomas and I live in the Stone Age. However, none of those are true. Our little house on the Provo just happens to not have wifi and we don’t have a TV. 

Some friends and family members wonder how we survive, what we do with our time, or how we manage to have fun without Netflix or Thomas watching endless hours of Sports Center. 

But we have found that we really enjoy reading together. Thomas has yet to read the last 3 Harry Potter books, so Thomas can often be found reading aloud in the kitchen while I make dinner or bribing me to get ready for bed faster–promising that he will read 1 whole chapter to me if I get ready fast. 

  It’s really like magic to re-read them with him and hear all the different voices complete with British accents that Thomas uses. (His Dobby voice is one of my favorites.) 

It’s been a great hobby for us and just another thing we can add to our list of mutual hobbies that we enjoy together. 


2 thoughts on “Story time

  1. I’ll be honest, even though I feel like I benefit from accessible internet in my home, I’m jealous of your situation. Seems like it simplifies life, in some important ways, the way you have to live without those conveniences at your fingertips. I’m not so sure I’m willing to give it up, but I definitely admire what you’ve been able to do with the situation!

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  2. I love that you have found a media alternative to the mainstream that works for you. Reading together is amazing! I loved it when my parents would read aloud to me, or when I read aloud to my nephew now. It is so fun to become involved rather than just consuming. Creating voices, characters – that sounds amazing.

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